Purge MediaCache HTTP Module

This module serves as an HTTP Provider that you can use to list your MediaCache streams and one-click purge an entry. The purge is a request to the MediaCache subsystem to eliminate an item but will only occur when usage subsides on the given video asset.

Add the module to VHost.xml under the 8086 hostport as follows:


Restart your Wowza server. Once it has restarted try playing back an asset from your MediaCache. Then visit the following HTTP Provider:


You’ll notice a very basic list of MeidaCache assets with a “purge” link on the right. By selecting this link it will make the request to purge the item. If it returns “Success” that means the element is queued for purging otherwise it failed to do so. Once the element *is* completely purged, it will be removed from that list.

Grab the latest version of this module here.

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