• Module redirect to CDN ’ This module will redirect connections by protocol to various CDN’s once the threshold has been met.
  • Reset Application through an HTTP Provider ’ This is a simple HTTP Provider that will allow you to run an HTTP request to restart a given application (in the event of a application configuration change or otherwise). The core of this provider surrounds the vhost.shutdownApplication() function to handle the disconnection of all client from all application instances.
  • Collect stats locally or send to service via request ’ This is a very basic statistics module that will allow you to save connection/bandwidth information to file and/or send it to a remote server for collection into a database or otherwise.
  • MPEGTS over HTTP Inbound Module ’ There are now a significant number of sources available for video rtmp, hls, multicast etc. As content providers move from closed networks to more open ‘Internet’ based delivery many are providing MPEGTS over HTTP delivery, this type of delivery can not normally be ingested into Wowza.
  • Control nDVR with Flash Media Live Encoder ’ If you have ever used Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) then you will have noticed the ‘Record’ button at the bottom right, next to the tick box for ‘DVR Auto Record’. If you are connected to Wowza and push this button all you should see in your logs is “WARN server comment – Missing function: DVRSetStreamInfo”. It is possible to add this function to Wowza using a custom module..
  • Purge MediaCache HTTP Module ’ This module serves as an HTTP Provider that you can use to list your MediaCache streams and one-click purge an entry. The purge is a request to the MediaCache subsystem to eliminate an item but will only occur when usage subsides on the given video asset.