• How-to implement the IVHostHTTPStreamerRequestValidator interface ’ In order to handle/receive/validate each http based request, you will need to implement the IVHostHTTPStreamerRequestValidator interface. This how-to will cover the basic implementation guide.
  • How-to use php to query the Wowza Load Balancer ’ In this how-to, I will show you how to construct a php script to query the Wowza load balancer to obtain the least loaded edge for playback. Wowza already has the ModuleLoadBalancerRedirector that will auto-redirect rtmp connections, but this will be useful for essentially any other protocol.
  • How-to use NGINX as an edge from a Wowza origin ’ If you are trying to setup a solution to be low cost and effective, you can look at combining Wowza as an origin and NGINX as an edge. Below I depict one way to set it all up. Here I assume you are new to NGINX but have a solid Wowza grounding. This very basic tutorial is demonstrating an install on a CentOS 6.5 x64 linux distribution.