How to set stream timecodes to absolute time

We were recently asked to look at how to provide absolute timecodes in a stream, regardless of if the encoder sent them or not. This can be done and is extremely simple to do.

package guru.thewowza.example.absolute;

import com.wowza.wms.application.*;
import com.wowza.wms.amf.*;
import com.wowza.wms.module.*;

public class Timecode extends ModuleBase
	public void onAppStart(IApplicationInstance appInstance)
		String fullname = appInstance.getApplication().getName() + "/" + appInstance.getName();
		getLogger().info("onAppStart: " + fullname);

	public void onAppStop(IApplicationInstance appInstance)
		String fullname = appInstance.getApplication().getName() + "/" + appInstance.getName();
		getLogger().info("onAppStop: " + fullname);

	public void onStreamCreate(IMediaStream stream)
		stream.addLivePacketListener(new PacketListener());

	public void onStreamDestroy(IMediaStream stream)

	class PacketListener implements IMediaStreamLivePacketNotify

		private boolean firstPacket = false;
		private long baseTimeCode = 0L;
		private long baseSystemTime = 0L;
		private long packetTimeCode = 0L;
		public PacketListener()
		public void onLivePacket(IMediaStream stream, AMFPacket thisPacket)
			if ( this.firstPacket == false )
				this.firstPacket = true;
				this.baseTimeCode = thisPacket.getAbsTimecode();
				this.baseSystemTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
			packetTimeCode = thisPacket.getAbsTimecode()-this.baseTimeCode;
			packetTimeCode = packetTimeCode + this.baseSystemTime;

The code simple determines if this is the first run, sets up a base time from the first packet, gets the current system time and then all packet timecodes are a delta from the first packet with the addition of system time.

You will need to compile this code and then add a module entry in your Application.xml of the following


You can see this code in action if you enable the Cupertino chunk based on timecode property


The packetizer would then show the timecode but it appears to be divided by the chunk duration target, so as below you can see the chunk IDs

LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/myStream]: Add chunk: id:1[146084065] mode:TS[H264,AAC] a/v/k:124/200/4 duration:8620
LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/myStream]: Add chunk: id:2[146084066] mode:TS[H264,AAC] a/v/k:143/250/5 duration:10000
LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/myStream]: Add chunk: id:3[146084067] mode:TS[H264,AAC] a/v/k:144/250/5 duration:9984
LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/myStream]: Add chunk: id:4[146084068] mode:TS[H264,AAC] a/v/k:143/250/5 duration:9984
LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/myStream]: Add chunk: id:5[146084069] mode:TS[H264,AAC] a/v/k:143/250/5 duration:9999
LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/myStream]: Add chunk: id:6[146084070] mode:TS[H264,AAC] a/v/k:144/250/5 duration:9984

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