How-to Change SDP data from IP Camera

You can create a module that will allow you to filter out various RTSP message headers along with SDP data as provided by the IP camera. Here is a quick example of how to get that started:

public class RTPSDPFilter extends RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasic
	protected String filterSessionDescriptionData(String sdpData)
		// Change SDP data 
		sdpData = sdpData.replace("sprop-parameter-sets", "[NEW-SPROP-STR]"); 
		sdpData = sdpData.replace("profile-level-id", "[NEW-PROFILE-LEVEL]"); 
		return sdpData;

	protected void rtspMessageHook(RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasicRTSPRequest request)
		// Modify RTSP message
		request.addHeader("[RTSP-HEADER]", "[VALUE]");


In [wowza-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml under MediaCaster/Properties, add your class:

<Value>com.wowza.wms.plugin.rtpprovideroverride.RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderOverride </Value>

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