Detecting Adaptive Bitrate switches in Wowza

You can leverage some 4.1.x + API functions to detect bitrate switches on the Wowza side. While you could use the validator api to see these requests previously (in regards to HTTP), now you can use  onHTTPStreamerRequest event to see these switches.

Here is an example of how you might determine this:

public void onHTTPStreamerRequest(IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession, IHTTPStreamerRequestContext reqContext)
WMSLoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass()).info(“***onHTTPStreamerRequest reqContext.getRequest().getRequestURL ["+reqContext.getRequest().getRequestURL()+"] “);

You’ll note the media chunk looks similar to the following:


You can identify the switch by following the b[bitrate] portion of the media url.  This would be b546000 in this case.


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