Create custom authentication file for HTTP Provider

Below is some instructions on how you can create a completely separate password file on a per HTTP Provider basis. This may be useful if you want some people to have access to Live stream record or to connection counts etc. In this example, we will be using LSR as our test.

You will need to add the Authentication.xml file to your Wowza’s conf/ directory (get this from support or from a previous sub 4.x install). Then modify the LSR entry in the VHost.xml file and change the HTTPLiveStreamRecord HTTPProvider entry to the following:

Alter your VHost.xml file and change the livestreamrecord http provider as follows:


You will then use “example-digest” in your Authentication.xml file and include the following in that:

<Description>Test Digest Authentication</Description>
<Value>Live Stream Record Realm</Value>

Thereafter create an example.password and add your username & password to it as you would the typical admin.password file. Then just simply restart Wowza and test it out.


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