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instantOn and instantOnBufferTime Properties

instantOn and instantOnBufferTime Properties:

These properties provide a mechanism to provide a quicker playback time for connecting RTMP clients. Add these into Streams/Properties in Application.xml: <Property> <Name>instantOn</Name> <Value>true</Value> <Type>Boolean</Type> </Property> <Property> <Name>instantOnBufferTime</Name> <Value>3000</Value> <Type>Integer</Type> </Property> It is not recommended to be lower than 3000.

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Property streamDomainProtectionActive

Property streamDomainProtectionActive:

You can add this property to control stream crossing protection.

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Debug SSL certificates on Wowza

Debug SSL certificates on Wowza:

To best debug SSL connections on Wowza, you can add a couple of properties that will output more information regarding the SSL cert and the connection(s) to the server.

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Enable mpeg-dash specific HbbTV live manifest profile generation

Enable mpeg-dash specific HbbTV live manifest profile generation:

You can enable the generation of hbbtv specific profile generation.

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multiThreadScaler property to scale Transcoder

multiThreadScaler property to scale Transcoder:

You can implement the following property (multiThreadScaler) to allow for multi-threaded scaling within the Transcoder.

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Property maxEventCount

Property maxEventCount:

This property is used to avoid memory overuse by controlling the event queue size. Under┬áLiveStreamPacketizer->Properties in the Application.xml: <Property> <Name>maxEventCount</Name> <Value>10000</Value> <Type>Integer</Type> </Property>  

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Property mp3ReadID3Tags

Property mp3ReadID3Tags:

You can utilize the mp3ReadID3Tags property to tell Wowza not to look at any of the ID3 tags. Sometimes it may be the case that the tags are sub-standard and cause problems for a stream deeming it invalid. Under MediaReader/Properties in conf/[application]/Application.xml. <Property> <Name>mp3ReadID3Tags</Name> <Value>false</Value> <Type>Boolean</Type> </Property>

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Property httpAdapterDebugLog

Property httpAdapterDebugLog:

This property will log all http requests made by the client to Wowza.

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Property calculateChunkIDBasedOnTimecode to synchronize chunks

Property calculateChunkIDBasedOnTimecode to synchronize chunks:

This property will calculate the chunk ID based on the time code (as suggested by the name).

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Property debugVideoH264NALUnits logs mismatch in lengths

Property debugVideoH264NALUnits logs mismatch in lengths:

Add this property to discover if NAL unit lengths do not match frame lengths.

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