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Record Stream on-demand

Record Stream on-demand:

The following code snippet allows you to record streams on demand.

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Nvidia commands to monitor gpu usage

Nvidia commands to monitor gpu usage:

When using NVENC as the implementation for the transcoder, there are a few built-in nvidia commands that you can use to monitor GPU usage plus some.

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REST API – PTZ camera functionality

REST API – PTZ camera functionality:

Wowza’s Rest API has functionality for IP cameras that contain PTZ camera functionality.

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HTTP Provider to serve up VOD assets

HTTP Provider to serve up VOD assets:

This module allows you to pass in a path to a file name and it’ll serve it up for download. You essentially define a default content path/directory or the content/ folder is the default. Then any file that exists within it, is game for download. 1. Place the following provider under you 8086 HostPort within […]

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nDVR convert to VOD

nDVR convert to VOD:

This article will demonstrate how to use the REST API to convert a nDVR store to a VOD recording leveraging start & end times or duration to clip the conversion as needed.

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Use ffmpeg for RTSP output

Use ffmpeg for RTSP output:

A simple example of how to publish RTSP to your wowza server using ffmpeg.

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IPtables reject repeated requests

IPtables reject repeated requests:

You can leverage iptables to reject repeated requests that may be seen as DDOS or rogue players.

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REST API – get historic connection counts

REST API – get historic connection counts:

You can obtain historical connection & bandwidth information via Wowza’s REST API.

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Set up access times for streams per application

Set up access times for streams per application:

This module will allow you to specify times or date/time combinations that will define when streams that use a specific application are allowed to be viewed. You can specify multiple date ranges or just times that will be used daily.

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Verify a VOD asset exists via HTTP Provider

Verify a VOD asset exists via HTTP Provider:

We’ve had recent requests for an http provider that will verify existence of a particular VOD asset.

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