• Property to control EXT-X-VERSION header

    This property will control whether the EXT-X-VERSION header is shown in the chunk playlist.   By default, it is set to true. In the Application.xml, under HTTPStreamers/Properties : <Property> <Name>cupertinoEnableExtXVersionInMasterPlaylist</Name> <Value>false</Value> <Type>Boolean</Type> </Property> This property is valid >= 4.1.1    

  • Property startupStreamsMonitorFileModification

    This property will allow you to instruct Wowza to check the file modification time of a startup stream file to determine if the contents have changed. If changed, it will stop and restart the particular stream as required based on the files modified date as well. This property is a part of the ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor server listener. In the Server.xml file, under Properties: <Property> <Name>startupStreamsMonitorFileModification</Name> <Value>true</Value> </Property>

  • Property cupertinoPlaylistProgramId add program-id back to the playlist

    Some clients require the PROGRAM-ID to be in the playlist generated by Wowza.

  • How to add a file to S3 via curl

    One simple way to upload files to s3 bucket is to use a small bash script to do so.

  • Programmatically create a new log4j appender within Wowza

    You can specify a specific log file per application dynamically by creating the relevant appender as-needed.

  • Script to fetch your s3 objects

    I thought it’d be useful for a small script (in this case php) to fetch your s3 objects. There is a cost involved for each download and API query but this should help those of you whom use s3 for streaming fetch these assets for your website or otherwise.

  • Add CPU and Memory info to your HTTP Provider

    Wowza provides a couple of useful HTTP Providers to obtain serverinfo and connection counts. You could extend those to add some relevant information regarding system resource utilization etc.

  • Automatically restart a stream file after application restart

    This is a small block of code that demonstrates how you might leverage the MediaCaster API to restart streams after an application restart.  You can add these to startup streams but upon the event where only the application is restarted, the startup streams do not reload.

  • Longer pauses between writing packets (recordMinBufferTime)

    You can control the pause time between writing packets to disk.  Note that increasing from default will increase resource consumption on the server. Under Streams/Properties: <Property> <Name>recordMinBufferTime</Name> <Value>500</Value> <Type>Integer</Type> </Property>

  • Basic Tuning with MediaCache in your Workflow

    We have seen time and again the need to modify your default properties for your MediaCache setup