Application HTTP Provider Manager

This module is a basic HTTP Provider that will allow remote requests to start, stop, create, and remove applications and mediacaster streams.

Some example requests:

1. Create Mediacaster Stream  


 - Writes .stream file, adds to startup stream(s), and initiates connection
2. Remove Mediacaster Stream 


 - Removes the .stream file, removes entry in startup streams, and stops stream connection
3. Start mediacaster stream 


 - Initiates connection with existing medicaster stream file
4. Stop mediacaster stream 


 - Stops connection
5. Create Application 


 - This looks for template application-live.xml and copies that config to the corresponding [appname]/Application.xml and sets up new application
6. Remove Application 


 - Deletes corresponding files and stops app

Configuration is simple within the Vhost.xml under the 8086 HostPort right before the HTTPServerVersion:


Please download the entire HTTP Provider source here.

*You will need json-simple-1.1.jar also in your lib/ folder for this to work (handles JSON output).

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